Monday, April 18, 2011

Update on Ben

UPDATE: May 3, 2011

So I just wanted to give an update, Ben started Chemotherapy yesterday.  He will have to do 4 cycles of three weeks.  The first week he will be doing Chemo everyday, and then get to take a break for two weeks before he gets blasted again.  His dad and I went with him yesterday, and it seems pretty chill.  The people that work there are such special and great people.  They make sure that everyone is comfortable and feel at home.  At least as much as you can in a clinic with tubes attached to you.  You meet some of the sweetest people.  So far so good, he's a little tired but doing okay. 

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So I decided I better give an update on Benjie. We were told on Friday that he has embryonal Cancer, a nonseminoma type. We will be going to the Dr. next week to decide what our next course of action is.  Our choices where 1)to start Chemotherapy first then possibly a second surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes or 2) Surgery first then chemo.  Doesn't seem like much of a choice right.  He seems to be staying in good spirits.  That always makes us smile.  He needs to look into the the option of sperm banking just in case these treatments leave him sterel.  I can only imagine how bad that would be for him.  I thank God every day that we were bless with little Mr. Leo, however I know how much Ben would love to be able to have more children latter on in life.

I'm sure that this is much more info than most people would want to know about someone, however I find it interesting to get all of the info.  Then you don't end up having just a ton more questions with no answers.

I am still making my necklaces to sell for him, I just need to add pics, along with a buy now button for all of my friends that do not live close.  I will update that soon as well.  I have lots of new patterns that I am working with and just about any color you would want.

Thanks for looking and letting me vent.

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