Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sneak peak of a One of a Kind item

So my wonderful husbands amazing Uncle Craig is a most talented craftsman.  I am trying to share his amazing work with the world.

Check out these tables that he spent hundreds of hours on, hand crafting them. 

How gorgeous are these?

Naturally finished below is his brief description of them. 

One of a Kind

This black walnut and antler table set was made from a rare large Black walnut tree, also trophy Elk and Mule Deer Sheds.

The coffee table- a cross section from the bottom of the trunk of the tree 3”thick.The tree started growing from 7 small trees. 5 grew into 1 and 2 grew into1 then both of them grew into one very large beautiful black walnut tree.

The base is made with 4-6 point elk main beams, 2-4 point x braces and 2-4 point mule deer x braces

End table – made from the same tree from a fork in the tree farther up.

Base- a matching set of 5 point  with 2 point support elk antler sheds. Where main beams x on both tables they are pinned together with spike mule deer antlers.

Both tables are reinforced with plywood under the slab for long lasting strength and finished with tongue oil only. This priceless matching set was artistically crafted as a beautiful center piece in a beautiful home or cabin.

I am getting ready to post them to my Etsy shop if anyone is interested in purchasing these beauties let me know.  He is selling them as a set.  Once I have to post active to sell I will send that out.   

Please share this with anyone who may be interested, or even just appreciate the beauty.  

As always thank you for stopping by.  Feel free to leave me any comments.