Sunday, October 23, 2011

More hair crap!! Flower bobby pins!

I made some flowers and wasn't sure what to do with them.  One I turned into a small wrist band for my granddaughter Dez. Another I used as a matching headband.  (I didn't get pictures :( I was still waiting to have enough money for my new camera, trying to take pictures with my phone just wasn't working. Now I finally have my new camera and can post again!

So anyway what I finally decided to do with these is make bobby pins!

What you need to make these cute little creations is:

A bag of flower parts used for scrapbooking.  I got mine at Roberts for about 7.00.

Just look at all the cute colors in this bag!  Some have glitter some don't.  so many different sizes and colors. Some bags have patterned flowers like zebra strips, polka dots, and more.

Anyway once you have your bag of flowers then you just grab some decorative brads (also for scrap-booking) 

Also grab some bobby pins that have the flat circle to glue things to, I found these at hobby Lobby.  A bag of 18 is around $3.

Start layering your flower parts in what order and color you like and put one of your brads through the middle (they already have small holes cut in them just for the brads) and them glue them to the bobby pins!  That's it and you have a whole bunch of cute and unique flowers!  

So what do you all think?
  Thanks for looking!