Saturday, September 17, 2011


Okay so we all know that I have crafters ADD! I can't help it, I think we all have a little ADD in some area, all of mine just seem to overlap. haha  Anyway, I found this adorable free tutorial on one the blogs I follow (sadly I suffer CRS and can't remember which one) for this cute little purse. This lady is awsome! You can check out her etsy page here and see some of the other patterns that she sells.

So I had to start playing around
don't you love the robots!
This was my first draft.  It's so much fun, however I can't leave anything alone.   So I started making some modifications to this cute little bag.  
tie-die butterflies and peace signs!  Who doesn't love peace signs, I mean come on really it's a win win right?
So I messed with the dimensions just a little and made it wider.  Added some yo-yo's and buttons to the front for decoration.

haha I wish I had a better camera so that you could really see all the cool bright colors (hint, hint to all my family and friends)

I didn't like how wide the strap was or how it was just sewn into the sides, so I added some "D" rings and narrowed down the strap by about half.

My cute daughter being my model!  She's such a good sport.
So what do you think?  Thanks for looking! And on to the next ADD project for my house...LOL

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ok I bought a couple cheap bad hair day hats at Walmart for 2.00.  I know I'm cheap. but hey what ever  it's for bad hair days right.
this is the pink one, hahaha my friends know I'm not a pink kind of girl.
Anyway, then I remembered that I still had iron on vinyl from the fabulous Expressions Vinyl people (I love them!).  So then I decided to play a little.

My black hat went from a plain black like the above pink one to this!!!!!
I even added bling!  I'm becoming quite the girl in my old age LOL.

What do you think?  I love my SCAL and cricket.  It even looks pretty good on (even though I wish I had a better model).
I know I'm a dork

 Anyone have any request?  I'll see what I can do.  Thanks for looking!