Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glass Jars

Who doesn't like cool funky glass jars? Especially when you get to decorate them and make them even cooler!  Ok at least I think they are pretty cool.

This first one I admit I used an SVG file from Michelle's adventures with digital creations blog.  I just fell in love with her garden fairy and had to figure out some way to use it.   

   Michelle's Adventures with Digital Creations.    

These cute little swirly birds I also found by following a link through Michelle's blog.  I love the files that people are willing to share with all of us beginners.  I can't wait until I can create my own to share as well.

Here I have them both together. Pink and Purple go so well together, don't you think.

Well I hope you all have enjoyed my spur of the moment craft idea.  I hope I have given a few more ideas as to what to do with some of the decorative glass hanging around your house.  That is assuming that there are more pack rats out there like me. (at least when it comes to random craft things)  Enjoy and thank you for looking.

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  1. Those look so nice, thanks so much for posting your project!!