Monday, March 28, 2011

The color Festival

 So I didn't complete anything new this weekend, however I started a few.  The reason for this is I went and enjoyed the color festival for the beginning of spring here in Utah.  It was so much fun!

All in all it was a great week in the planning department.  We have a local Farmers Market here in Provo and I went to the meeting to get all my info to get started.  I'm so excited and I can't wait to take all of my things to share with people.  Soon I will have pics of everything that I have made up.

For now I think I will just share some photos of the color festival.  I had to get my creative juices flowing. Hahahahaha  Hope you all like them.

So this is my youngest son (on the right) and his Step-brother before the throwing of color.

 I know I said this was before the throwing, but you see people just can't have you walk past them all clean.
 This is my oldest son before
Let the Colors fly!!!!
 The Aftermath.
My sweet, sweet husband!  I think he got it the worst of all.
and a few random people that walked past afterward.

Doesn't it just look like a ton of fun?  I think I'm going to be cleaning up bright pink chalk for months.

It was so great, I think I feel rejuvenated and ready to start being creative again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glass Blocks

Ok so I know we've all seen those glass building block right?  I love them!  There are so many unique and cute things that you can do with them. 
I was able to find pre-drilled blocks in different sizes at Hobby Lobby and have a great time just playing around with them. You can fill them up with so much personality.  They make a great addition in any room.

This is one of the large blocks.  I am currently using it for a piggy bank.

Small square block with gold vinyl hearts, frosted glass makes for a great night light or accent on a book shelf.

This is one of my Favorites!  A large square block filled with river stones and clear glass marbles, accented with a large flower and feather butterfly.  The lettering is in Gold vinyl.

This one was my first, I was so excited about the lights and all of the decorating I forgot to frost the glass.  I still really like it. In gold across the word family it reads "Gods Greatest Gifts" in case you can't see it. I had gotten this SVG file from I love her blog! So many good ideas.

I hope you enjoy these, they were a lot of fun to make.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby name Tiles

Here is one of my recent projects that I am very excited about!

My amazing family all pitched in together this Christmas to buy me a Cricut.  Now we all know how addicting they can be.  The whole reason they gave me such and amazing gift is that I wanted to learn how to, and start playing with vinyl.  It's such a fun medium to play with, and anyone who has a grandchild or child knows just how many fun projects they can inspire.  Sorry that some of the pics are sideways or upside down. (still learning how to do this right)  Anyway I made these for my grandchildren and my great niece.  They where so much fun!

Hope you enjoy it!
for my Grandson Rian

For my Grandson Leo

My Grandson Aeden


Hi this is my first blog and blog post.  I'm very excited to start this and share with everyone all of the fun things I like to do.

I guess first of all I should tell you what this blog is about and what it is I do.  I love to make and share things.  I am going to soon be starting to do shows at local farmers markets.  I will also be selling my stuff on, however for now I just want to have some fun and receive feed back from other crafters, and non-crafters, like my self.  I have seen some amazing ideas from other bloggers (I will share their links as soon as I figure out that part) and I hope to inspire others in the same way.

Here's to a new beginning and the experience along the way!