Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something special for my son.

Thought I would give an up date.  So we had the surgery and everything went well.  We are hoping for full Seminoma Cancer so that it will respond to radiation and not require Kemo.  We found out yesterday that it had spread to some lyphnodes how ever he may not have to have them removed depending on the type of cancer that it ends up being.  We still have to wait for the results on this.  We have our fingers crossed that all will be well, and everyone is keeping their sense of humor so we wait.
Thank you for looking and checking back with us.

So just a couple day ago we found out that our 20 year old son has testicular cancer.  Not exactly the greatest news for anyone to get.  Anyway he goes in this Monday morning to have one removed and find out how far it has spread in his body, if it has spread and what the next course of action is.  My sweet boy is so scared and I don't blame him, I think we all are.  He has the cutest little 7 month old little boy.

As we all know this kind of thing gets pretty expensive.  So I would love to help him with this expense by sell some of my jewelry.  I found a new item to make and they are very pretty.  They are the washer necklaces I'm sure many of you have seen.  I am asking 15.00 for each necklace so that I may donate 10.00 to his medical.  The other 5.00 is only to purchase more supplies to continue making more, and cover any shipping cost for any mail orders that I might receive.  Please feel free to request your favorite color.  If you are interested in placing an order with me please send me a message so that I can send you all the details.

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