Sunday, June 5, 2011


 So here I am again trying to be creative, I found an Idea for a flower watch that you first adhere iron on backing to fabric and then you can cut it on your cricut.  As you can see that is not the title of my post, so I obviously couldn't get it to look right.  However on a happy note, I have now figured out how to use my cricut to make applicate for clothes or bibs whatever you like!  I'm soooo excited about the possibilities!  In my boredom and trying to make sure that the materials I had just bought don't go to waist...I put together the following onesies.  I have been asked if I'm going to make them and offer them in the farmer's market.  What do you think? Would they sell?  Not to mention the fact that these are so cute to make for grand-babies.
Beach Baby!!!!!! $5.00

Blue Sunflower!!!!!! $5.00

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